Children's Museum

10 am–5 pm Daily

A woman greets two children at the museum's front desk

Staff Listing


Jane Werner
Executive Director
ext. 212

Cynthia Rose
Executive Assistant
ext. 212


Jocelyn Malik
Development Director
ext. 283

Laura SanBoeuf Paris
Institutional Giving Coordinator
ext. 341

Emily Breedlove
Individual Giving Coordinator
ext. 331

Maddy Dix
Database Coordinator
ext. 327

Claire McCandless Attisano
Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator
ext. 340


Chip Lindsey
Senior Director of Education
ext. 521

Katie Koffler
Associate Director of Art and Making
ext. 511

Carina Kooiman
Art Studio Manager
ext. 224

Caitlin Yeager
Art Studio Coordinator 
ext. 267

Rebecca Grabman
ext. 219

Sarah La Rue
MAKESHOP Coordinator
ext. 220

Will Tolliver
Early Childhood Learning Manager
ext. 330

Carolyn Myron
Early Childhood Learning Coordinator
Ext. 213

Carol Johnson
School Programs and Outreach Manager
ext. 243 

Lydia Burnett
Educational Programs Coordinator
ext. 241 

Jaime Schoyer
School Programs and Outreach Coordinator

ext. 209 

Juan Hurtado Salazar
MuseumLab Outreach Teaching Artist 
ext. 323 

Taylor Dozier
Teacher Professional Development Specialist 
ext. 507 


Anne Fullenkamp
Senior Director of Design
ext. 222

Rachel Mastromarino
Associate Director of Business Development
ext. 229

Greg Russo
Associate Director of Exhibits
ext. 204

Greg Witt
Senior Exhibit Developer
ext. 230  

Joy Cottrill
Exhibit Designer
ext. 263

Jeff Perry
Exhibit Designer
ext. 216

Amanda Tinker
Exhibit Technician

Kristopher Kaminsky
Museum Preparator
ext. 280

Lacey Murray
Tough Art Manager
ext. 226

PJ Zimmerlink
Museum Curator

Zena Ruiz
Arts in Context Manager
ext. 201

Joanna Kemp
Arts in Context Coordinator
ext. 214


Chris Cieslak
Senior Director of Facilities and Special Projects 
ext. 332

John Swidorsky 
Facilities Manager
ext. 225


Christine Koebley
Senior Director of Finance and Administration
ext. 245

Beth Parisi
ext. 320

Maribeth Szczepaniuk
ext. 281 

Candice Fisher
Finance Coordinator
ext. 208

Faith Miller
Human Resources Specialist
ext. 334

Josh Verbanets
Financial Analyst
ext. 244


Alison Bank
Learning and Research Project Manager
ext. 248


Bill Schlageter
Director of Marketing
ext. 236

Julia McManus
Promotional Events & Sponsorship Fulfillment Manager
ext. 285


Suzanne McCaffrey
Director of New Media
ext. 233

Mallory Laporte
Communications Manager
ext. 231

Megan McGinley
New Media Producer
ext. 288  


George Brzezinski
Senior Director of Visitor Services
ext. 218 

Jenna Shuknecht
Associate Director of Visitor Services
ext. 211

Chuck Lippert
Food Service Manager
ext. 203

Eric Rummel
Visitor Services Manager
ext. 202

Whitney French
Membership Manager
ext. 274

Chelsea Vetere
Assistant Café Manager
ext. 508

Allyson King
Birthday Party Supervisor
ext. 291

Sarah Kwiecien
Store Supervisor
ext. 302

Jordan Robinson
Visitor Services Supervisor
Ext. 237

Matt Winning
Group Operations Supervisor
ext. 240

Veronika Panagiotou
Call Servicing Coordinator
ext. 319

Luke Moskal
IT Systems Administrator
ext. 235