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Close up photo of party balloons.

Birthday FAQs


What snack is provided with the Party Palooza Package?

Typically, we provide teddy grahams or animal crackers and a juice box.

Can we bring additional food for our guests?

Yes, you may bring in your own food for your guests. Appliances (crock pots, coffee makers, etc.) and open flames (Sterno cans) are prohibited. You can also reserve party trays, sandwich rings and salads through the Museum's Big Red Room Café. More about it on Birthday Extras page.

Is there a freezer available for storing ice cream cakes and ice cream?

Yes, we have available freezer space to store cakes and ice cream.

Is there ice available for beverages?

Yes, we do provide bowls of ice for beverages.


What decorations does the Museum provide for a birthday party?

For all parties, each child guests receives a colorful latex balloon.

Can we bring decorations?

Guests are welcome to bring the following decorations:

  • Table clothes:
        Public space tables are 2'6" x 4'6"
        Private party room tables are 3'6" x 7'6" or 3' x 5'.
  • Banners and pictures to hang on the walls can only be hung up as long as the party room walls are not damaged
  • Centerpieces
  • Additional balloons 

Can we bring a piñata?

We do allow pull-string piñatas, but we do not allow piñatas that require a bat or stick to open. 


Is there a charge for parking?

The party host family is permitted to park in a Museum lot at no charge. Parking for all others is $6 for non-members and $4 for members. Guests can either pay for their own parking, or it can be paid by the host. Please let us know during the reservation process if you would like to cover your guests' parking costs.

How early can I arrive for my party?

Hosts may arrive one half hour prior to the start of the party to deliver and set up presents and decorations.

Do we have to leave the Children's Museum when our party ends?  

Absolutely not! You and your guests must leave the party rooms after your two-hour party to allow for preparations for the next party, but all guests are welcome to enjoy the Museum until it closes at 5:00 pm.

One of my adult guests is a member of the Museum. Can they use their membership to attend the party?

Yes. For our Party Palooza package, five adults are admitted to the party for free. If additional adults attend, there is an additional charge of $9 per adult. However, if the additional adults are current members and check in at the front desk separately from the birthday party, they can use their member benefits and you as the party host will not be charged for them.

Can we use gift cards purchased at Giant Eagle to pay for a birthday party?

Gift cards purchased at Giant Eagle are valid for admissions, parking, classes, store purchases and membership, but not birthday parties. Museum gift cards purchased at the Admissions Desk, over the phone or on our website can be used to pay for a birthday party.