Children's Museum

10 am–5 pm Daily; Closed Sept 3 - 6

Birthday Activities

Add on one of these Museum-inspired activities for a unique party experience!

$8 per child    Minimum of 10 children required 

Create a Tee (Ages 5+)
You and your guests can design your very own custom t-shirts with screen printing!  Bring your creativity to the table by drawing different shapes or designs and then silkscreening them onto a white t-shirt provided by the Museum. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you can wear. Afterwards, you and your guests can venture up to The Studio to explore more types of art making.

Superhero (Ages 5+)
Up, up, and away! You and your guests will become superheroes with your very own, one-of-a-kind capes you design using our silkscreening process.  Complete your disguise by decorating a mask using various art supplies. When finished, you and your guests can explore the Garage exhibit with its climber, slide, parachutes and more.

Seasonal Activities 

$5 per child   Minimum of 10 kids required  

Fancy Party Fun! (Ages 2+)
Available February 17
- September 2
Invite friends to get dressed up for a Fancy Party inspired by the adventures of Elephant and Piggie in I Am Invited to a Party by beloved author and illustrator Mo Willems.  There will be costumes to wear, stories to hear, and a Pigeon party hat for guests to create.  After the festivities, venture up to The Pigeon Comes to Pittsburgh: A Mo Willems Exhibit to launch hot dogs, drive a bus, build a terrible monster or funny friend, dress the Naked Mole Rat and much more! 

The Birthday Express (Ages 2+)
Available May 19
 - September 9
All aboard the Party Train!  You and your guests will embark on a birthday adventure with fun-filled activities in your party room.  Gather together for a train-themed story-time, then bring your inner artist to life as you use colorful paints to decorate a one-of-a-kind train.  After the party, travel up to our Garage exhibit to slide down a corkscrew slide, launch a parachute, build a raceway for toy cars, and so much more.

Work of Art! (Ages 2+)
Available September 8

Ready, set, paint!  Bring out your inner artist with a party that allows you and your guests to represent the world around you in vibrant colors.  Draw inspiration during a storytime featuring Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds, then take paint and brush to canvas to create a masterpiece that is uniquely yours.  After the party, continue the creativity in The Studio where you can make a custom screen-printed poster, paint at an easel, and so much more!

Note: With the addition of an activity to your party, you receive an additional 30 minutes in your party space.  Parties with an activity must select from the 9:30-11:30 am or 12:30-2:30 pm time slots.