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MAKEnight (21+): May the 4th

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May 4, 2017
                                                                                                Long, long ago
                                                                                        at a Children's Museum 
                                                                                 (not) far away, a team of people
                                                               began to dream up MAKEnight: May the Fourth be with you!
                                               Join us for a intergalactic celebration of making, light fare, and drinks!

  • Love looking skyward to admire the night’s stars? Create your own with embroidered constellations.

  • Have you ever had a desire to travel into deep space? Or get a pic exploring aboard the Millennium Falcon? Here’s your chance with our Green Screen studio.

  • Need something to attle all those big bads out there in the Universe? Build your own Light Saber or Blaster.

  • Construct a Draw Droid with our Lego Art Machines and watch as they make their own unique creations.

  • Snap a pic of yourself traveling the sands of Tatooine while dirking a Bantha Milk cocktail.

  • Select some snacks from our space food bar and sit back to watch homemade fan videos of favorite Star Wars scenes.

  • Felt your own planet or Death Star. Operation of Death Stars are forbidden on the premise.

  • Jump into hyperspeed andmake paint a galactic landscape.

  • Make a print a screen print inspired by your favorite galactic revolutionary.

  • Make your own Padawan braid to show your friends how committed to The Force you really are.

Check back for more and exciting additions soon!