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image of Magic Organs retrospective show poster of spray paint lettered drips over geometric triangle shapes

Writers Resist: Creating Zines and Independent Voices

January 15, 2017

Join our Writers Resist program with City of Asylum and MAGIC ORGANS in the Art Studio to create zines. Zines are self published print media cheaply produced via photocopier and given or sold by people like you, with something to share. Give your thoughts and images a voice by exploring zine making today!

City of Asylum provides sanctuary to endangered literary writers, and offer a broad range of literary programs in a community setting to encourage cross-cultural exchange thus creating a thriving community for writers, readers, and neighbors.

Magic Organs is a multimedia art duo founded in 2011 through the practice of D.S. Kinsel and Julie Mallis. The medium of this practice is based on their relationship as expressed through zines, painting, social media, curating, shared studio practice, artist mentorship, youth workshops, university lectures, professional development, community organizing and happenings events.

The Magic Organs collaboration began with the hand pressing of their first zine: Magic Organs Mystic Beings, which was sold at 720 Records and is archived in the Carnegie Zine Library. After completing a series of four issues, they expanded to produce collaborative paintings, video collages, performances and installations. Their studio practice is located at BOOM Concepts, a creative hub and think-tank based in Garfield with satellite locations in Allentown and Oakland. 

You can follow D.S. Kinsel @DSKinsel.  For more about Julie Mallis, click here.

For more information on the national Writers Resist Movement, click here.