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MAKEnight (21+): My Snarky Valentine


February 8, 2018

This classic MAKEnight is back for another year of snark! Follow your heart and join us for an evening of food, drink and amore. And sass. We provide the making, you decide if your valentine will be snarky or scandalous.

  • It's Treat Yourself 2018! Make a bath bomb scented with dried flowers.
  • Belt out your feelings to a supportive crowd and sing some love songs at Karaoke!
  • Sketch a live model!
  • What mends a broken heart better than chocolate? Enjoy a chocolate fountain at your Break-Up food bar!
  • Spice up your life with some dramatic readings of romance novels.
  • Sweeten yourself up with some cookies from Eat n' Park
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, make your own Valentine because I'm not going to.
  • Tell us how you really feel, and try your hand at some snarky cross stiching. 
  • Spend some time at our friendship bracelet station, and make a gift for someone who won't disappoint you... probably.
  • Have a particular talent with words? Pour your heart out with our Sarcastic Magnetic Poetry Wall.
  • Join Guest Maker Erica Adamson and make your own corsage!
  • Enjoy light fare provided by Cop Out Pierogies!
  • Experience true Russian vodka provided by Pittsburgh local Ustianochka Vodka.
  • Fill that four-legged hole in your heart by visiting with some friends brought by Humane Animal Rescue
  • Cheers to you and no one else, with a glass compliments of Barefoot Wine!
  • Check back for more trouble!

This event is sponsored in part by Barefoot Wine, Faros Properties, Whole Foods, and Yelp.

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