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Three people seated on a stage. Mimi is in the center playing an Erhu, using her right hand to move the bow and her left hand to hold the neck of the instrument.

STORY TIME: Studio Featuring Music by Mimi Jong

Story Time

February 7, 2018

Come to the Art Studio for a story time and live musical performance by Mimi Jong. Mimi plays an ancient Chinese instrument called the erhu. First we'll hear her playing along with some stories about art and making, then she'll perform while we make art together. How will Mimi's music influence your art works? 

Mimi is a professional architect, but continues to connect with the world through a variety of artisitic mediums including music, painting, and calligraphy. Her passion for music has whisped her musical collaborations to bridge musical genres such as jazz, folk, classical, and global music.

For more about Mimi Jong, click here to listen to this feature on the Saturday Light Brigade Radio show with Larry Berger.