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A hot pink background with one of Malena's drawings and text that says "The Lion Says Baa Baa Expressive drawings by an exceptional young artist"

Closing Art Party with Malena Xenakes

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May 27, 2018

Join us in the Theater to celebrate the closing of Malena Xenakes show The Lion Says Baa. Say goodbye to Sarah Oguy, Boca Boca, PDO, Bob the Fly, and all of the other characters created by Malena. Then, make a sketch book all your own to draw your favorite imaginative characters. Light refreshments will be served!

At the age of four, Malena began learning to draw and write simultaneously. This exhibit is an attempt to chart the progress she has made in her cognitive development through her artistic abilities in a little less than two years. It would be easy and impressive enough just to show her current work but it would omit the journey that gives her current drawings their significance. The keen eye for observation and drawing that is exhibited in Malena’s work would seem to come naturally but the amount of practice she has contributed should not be underestimated. This practice is the reason for such an accumulation of drawings and books, and this is why I chose to show her body of work. The playfulness, curiosity, and intelligence that Malena expresses in her drawings is where the natural ability and hard work (albeit fun) meet to create something more than just a drawing but a story. The story is apparent on the page but it is also the story of Malena’s development as an individual and how she navigates through the world.

Malena Xenakes is a five year old kindergartener from the Morningside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. She lives with her parents Mari and Jason, and their cat Omi. Along with drawing and writing, Malena loves the Periodic Table of Elements, going to bookstores, swinging at playgrounds, and eating blueberry muffins.