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Three dancers form a pyramid on their hands and knees, while another dancer catches a fifth dancer who is falling off the pyramid while reading a book!

Creative Movement Workshop with Attack Theatre

Exhibit Related Program

December 9, 2018

Join Attack Theatre for an interactive movement exploration of Rube Goldberg™: The World of Hilarious Invention! These 30 minute workshops offer a kinesthetic approach to the cause and effect world behind Rube Goldberg’s uncanny contraptions. Through the assembly of “Movement Machines,” Attack Theatre company dancers harness the power of play to cultivate curiosity and creativity. Engage with movement and storytelling through creative workshops that unlock the inventor in all of us.

Workshop Times:

  • 11:30 am 
  • 12:30 pm 
  • 1:30 pm* 

*Audio Description will be available at this performance! RSVP to or 412.322.5058 x234

Other Program Dates:

Continue the Rube experience with an Attack Theatre performance at your school with Science Moves!

Simple machines come to life in this engaging and interactive dance performance by Attack Theatre. With portions inspired by an artistic investigation of Rube Goldberg™: The World of Hilarious Invention!, this 45-minute performance combines creative, athletic, and expressive movement to tell the story of STEAM concepts embedded in Goldberg's illustrated inventions. This companion to the exhibit is designed to go beyond the principles of science to enhance learning and inspire students and teachers across the curriculum. Join Attack Theatre for a fun-filled, theatrical exploration of the spirit of invention and creative play.

For more information about bringing this performance to your school, please contact Lindsey Kaine ( or visit