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A young boy stands at a table tapping a blue mallet on a wooden board strung with guitar strings.

Musical Contraption Building

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January 27, 2019

Join guest Musician, Lee Robinson and Makeshop Teaching Artist, Kyle Murphy in MAKESHOP to build musical contraptions. What is a musical contraption? It's a Rube Goldberg Machine that makes sound. Use tubes, ramps, rubber bands, balls, and more to discover all the music your machine can make.

Lee Robinson has been an active participant on the Pittsburgh Jazz scene for over 30 years, a true Pittsburgh treasure. Performing on the clarinet since the age 9 has set him on the path of improvisation. Robinson concentrates his energy in playing tenor and soprano saxophones, which he considers his musical "voices." The musician has performed in several R&B bands, Gentle Persuasion, Band of Angels and jazz ensemble and GNP Group gathering at Waynesburg University.

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Kyle Murphy is a musician and full time teaching artist in our MAKESHOP. He specializes in percussion, playing everything from the Djembe to the timpani.