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Wizard Chess

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April 18, 2019

Join Ashley Priore from the Queen's Gambit Chess Institute in Makeshop to play wizard chess! Whether you are a first timer or an expert player, you can enjoy learning about the game from chess experts. Discover new strategies, learn the names of all the pieces, and play on our giant, handmade, wizard chess board. 

All ages and abilities welcome!

The Queen’s Gambit Chess Institute is a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching chess to the community, ensuring every child has the necessary opportunities and tools to learn the game through a 21st-century approach and promoting, sharing, and encouraging the educational and social benefits of playing chess. In partnership with the Pittsburgh city government, Pittsburgh Public Schools, and other educational organizations, Queen’s Gambit seeks to make city a portable classroom for chess. Queen’s Gambit was founded on the belief that chess provides relevant, engaging, and equitable learning experiences that can remodel how youth learn and grow.