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Early Learning: Young Sprouts

Early Learning Program

July 18, 2019

Join us for a nature-focused exploration of treasures, art, songs and stories!  Program location is weather-dependent: we will be in the Garden if weather allows; find us in the Nursery if weather is less than ideal.

July is the Month of Bugs! Our monthly schedule is as follows:

July 11: Month of Bugs - Bug Bite First Aid. Join Moirin Reynolds of Bridget's Apothecary for an exploration of plants in the garden used for treating bug bites. Learn about nature's bandaids, and how to take the itch away!

July 18: Month of Bugs - Caterpillars

July 25: Month of Bugs - Butterflies

This program is drop-in, so feel free to come and go as you please! This program is designed for our youngest learners (0-5) but suitable for all ages. For more information about Early Childhood Learning, visit our home page!