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Live Music: Lonesome Daughter

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November 11, 2019

Join us in the Art Studio's movement area to move along with the banjo music of Lonesome Daughter. This hour-long program is designed to activate the Art Studio's special exhibit Move Along and Change Your Place, an exhibit inspired by the art of Herve Tullet to help us figure out where our ideas come from. Dance, move, stretch, or be still, how will the sounds of the banjo inspire you?

Lonesome Daughter is a Pittsburgh based singer-songwriter, banjo player, and visual artist on her way to Denver, CO. She works across a wide range of mediums to create a playful environment where her audience is invited to connect over some of the darker stuff in life. Lonesome received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 2010 and her Master's of Fine Arts degree from The University of Delaware in 2013. Her narrative words and images expose her own heartbreak and hardship in an attempt to inspire vulnerability and connectedness in her viewer. She believes there's a good reason a sad song soothes the soul and makes us all feel...well, a little less lonesome.