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TapeScape Opening Weekend!

Exhibit Related Program

October 19, 2013

TapeScape is an art installation made entirely of packing tape. This weekend, be among the first to walk, crawl, slide and jump through this remarkable structure!

Slippery, see through, yet super strong, the floors, walls and ceilings of TapeScape create a labyrinth for visitors of all ages to explore. See how the structure changes as the tape rises and falls depending on how many people are inside. TapeScape's design is site-specfic and each version is unique.

Learn more and see how it was made here.

Opening Weekend Event
Crusic Percussion, a local percussion ensemble from Carnegie Mellon University, performs
at 1:00 and 3:00 pm. Crusic's style ranges from 1920s rag to 1990s street drumming. Come hear their dynamic sound as their beats echo in and around the taut tape walls of TapeScape!

Click here to see the TapeScape-inspired activities in the Studio this weekend.