Comics don’t have to look perfect, marks and mistakes make your drawing even better.
Brooke Barker

about brooke

Brooke Barker is a Pittsburgh-based author and illustrator. Her New York Times bestselling book Sad Animal Facts (Flatiron, 2016) and its sequel Sad Animal Babies are full of the sad truths about adorable animals.  The books have been published in ten languages. She has created work for National Geographic, The New York Times, and The Guardian. Her favorite animal is the red fox.

Q & A:

Three words to describe your art:

Cute, funny, sad

Your favorite activity to do at home when you were a kid:

Looking for secret passageways in our house (I never found any)

Your favorite thing to do in quarantine:

Teaching my dog new tricks

Where do you get inspiration for your animal drawings?

National Geographic magazine