about ibiyinka

Ibiyinka is an artist, ambassador, filmmaker, architect and author who use different art forms to tell stories through painting, song, film, poems, music and dance. His work is primarily about redemption, peace and love.

He often encourages the viewer to participate in and respond to his vividly colorful artworks through instructions, dance and more.

As a little boy growing up in Nigeria, Ibiyinka enjoyed catching fireflies and looking up at the stars. He created a painting from the memories, this inspired a book and led Ibiyinka to create a movie and soundtrack.

Ibiyinka’s art won first place in a United Nations International Art Competition with entrants from 61 countries.


In many years as an ambassador I have visited hundreds of artists’ studios. Even in ghettos around the world I always found encouragement and newness cause Life is sacred and the will to express oneself artistically lifts up the Spirit! Art shouldn’t be a contest, it is an exchange.
Ibiyinka Alao

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Website:  https://ibiyinka.com

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