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Children are in line to use a silkscreen machine. There are two machines each manned by a worker in a fabulous shaggy blonde wig and sunglasses.

The Art of Andy Warhol

Selected artwork and silkscreen studio

The Children’s Museum partnered with The Andy Warhol Museum to offer two options for Andy Warhol exhibit rental:

The Art of Andy Warhol exhibit includes a working silkscreen studio, original Warhol silkscreen prints from Warhol’s Myth Series and Toy paintings, and The Factory, where visitors can dress up like the characters in some of the Warhol paintings, play with toys like those collected by Warhol, and learn more about art and Andy Warhol through books and videos. 

In Pop Art! The Andy Warhol Studio, visitors can try a variety of art-making techniques used by pop artists, including silkscreen printing and stamping, and dress up and learn about Andy Warhol in The Factory. The Gallery is a space to display artwork created by children from the local community, examples of the iconic prints by Warhol, or a combination of both.

inquire for price per 15-week rental plus round trip shipping
Size: 1,500 - 2,000 sq. ft.
Content: Art, creativity 

Tour Schedule:
Now taking bookings

Contact: Rachel Mastromarino
(412) 322-5058 ext 229