Children's Museum

Currently Closed

The Kindness Gallery

Opens Friday, March 20

A new exhibit about kindness and empathy is moving into the former Attic space!

Try these new activities promoting social-emotional learning:

  • Use text and emojis to send messages to a friend or loved one via a Teletype Machine.
  • Write a message of kindness, run it through the Token Press and give it to someone.
  • Be inspired by the songs of Mister Rogers and Daniel Tiger on the Strategy Song Record Player.
  • Create a virtual care package in the Care Package Factory and send it on a conveyer belt.
  • Receive and share words of support in an Encouraging Words Rolodex - add your own messages to inspire others.
  • Visit the Take a Compliment Wall to take a kind word with you as a reminder of how words can make a difference in our interactions with one another.  

Visitor favorite Virtual Puppets will be refreshed, and the Gravity Room will be updated with new elements, including a lookout deck and new slide. 

We're opening the Kindness Gallery in honor of Mister Rogers' Birthday on Friday, March 20, and offering free admission all day!  You can also meet Mr. McFeely and enjoy special activities.

Design Matters

  • Nooks tucked under each set of stairs, one of which is wheelchair accessible, provide quiet sensory areas.
  • Varying typography, including a multi-lingual welcome sign, signify the different voices of humanity and convey that words, and what we say, matters.
  • Movable seating allows caregivers to rest while still being close enough to participate in activities.
  • A joyful, jewel-tone color scheme shows how kindness radiates outward. 

The Kindness Gallery was made possible by generous support from The Benter Foundation and Senator Wayne Fontana.