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BOUNCE Exhibit Opens October 11

PITTSBURGH (October 7, 2014) – Make hundreds of balls pop like popping corn, bounce a ball to unbelievable heights, examine balls under a microscope and more at the opening of BOUNCE: INSPIRED BY THE WORLD’S MOST AMAZING BALL! on Saturday, October 11 at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh created this exhibit in collaboration with artist Henry J. Simonds. Components of the BOUNCE exhibit include:

Ball Trampoline: Strike pedals and handles to make hundreds of small balls pop like popping corn
Ball-o-Scope: Examine amazing balls under the microscope to see what makes them reach such heights
Ball Wave: Move a series of balls by pushing them to the top of posts and cause them to drop and bounce and form cool waves
Free Play Room: Test how high balls will bounce
Young Child Play Area: a place where young visitors can experiment moving balls through and around obstacles and down and up ramps
• A custom chandelier from made of tiers of more than 500 translucent and glittery Super Balls
Original artwork from artist and videographer Henry J. Simonds and his collection of Super Ball memorabilia and artifacts

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Created in collaboration with Henry J. Simonds based on his original exhibition, Super•Ball.
Super•Ball was awarded the People's Choice honor at the Design, Art + Technology Awards 2014. 

About Henry J. Simonds
Henry J. Simonds is a collector, curator, filmmaker and artist. As a visual artist, he works in photography, sculpture, and mixed media. He is also the founder of The International Sphaeralogical Society, which celebrates the history and dynamism of the Super Ball®. Invented by chemist Norman Stingley in 1965 and sold by the Wham-O Manufacturing Co., the iconic toy has been the subject of fascination and play for almost half a century.

About Children’s Museum Pittsburgh
With 80,000 square feet of space the Museum welcomes nearly 276,000 visitors annually and provides tons of fun and loads of “real stuff” experiences for play and learning. In 2011 the Museum was named as one of the nation’s ten top children’s museums by Parents magazine.  Children’s Museum Pittsburgh is located at 10 Children’s Way on Pittsburgh’s historic North Side.