Children's Museum

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Parking Meters and Way to Park

Everyone parking in the Museum parking lots must pay prior to entering the Children's Museum using one of the payment meters or the "Way to Park" app. 

  • Meters are located in the two Museum parking lots and near the giraffte sculpture at the Museum's back entrance.

  • Remember your license plate number! You will be asked to enter it in order to pay for parking.

  • The meters accept credit cards, quarters and dollar coins only.  Dollar bills are not accepted.

"Way to Park" App

You can pay for parking at the Museum using the Way to Park app on your smart phone and mobile device.  It's free and available for download from the App Store or Google Play

"Way to Park" Zone Codes 
Museum members: 3001
Non-members: 3002

  • After you have registered your credit card and license plate with Way to Park, open the app on your smart phone and enter either the member (3001) or nonmember (3002)  zone in the Search bar at the top of the app.

  • The next screen will show you the rate and duration for which you will be paying.  Since this zone is a flat rate ($4 for members and $6 for non-members buys you up until 5PM), click on ‘Next’ to continue.

  • Verify that all of the information is correct, including the zone, the amount you'll be charged, your license plate number and the credit card you’re using.  If the information is correct, click on ‘Confirm’ in the top right corner.  You're all set!