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Three teenage girls hold up radishes grown in a local garden

Healthy Choices at the Museum

The Children’s Museum wants to provide you, your children and family with healthy choices when visiting the Museum, presented as part of the MyHealth Community series designed to encourage healthy, physically active play; sponsored by UPMC Health Plan.

Sponsored by: UPMC Health Plan My Community.

We encourage you to make these healthy choices:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator - Burn calories on your way to the various levels of the Museum by taking the stairs rather than the elevator, if possible
  • Make smart nutritional selections - Visit the Big Red Room Café and enjoy baked, low-fat, nutritious and delicious meals, snacks and treats

  • Track your steps - Pick up a pedometer at the Admissions desk to track how many steps you take and the amount of calories burned while in the Museum

  • Exercise in the Museum’s exhibits - Explore the Museum’s exhibits that promote physical fitness, including:
  1. Limb Bender (located outside of the Museum’s MAKESHOP space)
  2. Temperamental Stairs (that lead to the Museum’s Nursery exhibit)
  3. Gravity Room (in the Attic exhibit)
  4. Cargo Net Climber (in the Garage exhibit)
  • Explore, create, play and have fun while being healthy!

Make sure to check out the Museum’s monthly MyHealth Community inspired events on our calendar too.

Tips for Keeping your Family Active

Try these easy suggestions to help your family live healthy all year round:

  1. Try a new active outdoor game every week such as dodgeball or tag.  Play a game in Buhl Community Park outside of the Museum, weather permitting.
  2. Wear a pedometer to track your steps; set a goal to make 10,000 steps each day! Rent a pedometer at the Museum's Admissions Desk to track your steps in the Museum.
  3. Take your dog on longer walks as a family.
  4. Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Visitors have access to several staircases throughout the Museum.
  5. Take an evening bike ride after dinner.
  6. Play active video games. Visit the Museum's Attic exhibit for an interactive animation game using the Xbox Kinect
  7. Get your kids involved with outdoor and indoor chores, such as gardening or using the vacuum. Participate in the Museum's Garden programs and learn about edible plants, flowers, and herbs seasonally.
  8. Put on some of your favorite tunes and dance!  Look for family dance parties offered at the Museum.
  9. Go fly a kite - a perfect activity for windy days.
  10. Do some stretching exercises at home to be more flexible. Navigate the Museum's Limb Bender as a test of your flexibility.

Follow the links to learn more about our UPMC Dining Smart Community Program in the Big Red Room Café and UPMC Health Plan Member Admission Discounts.