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Teacher Professional Development session

Educator Professional Development

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and MuseumLab are currently closed in accordance with the recommendation of PA Governor Tom Wolf to limit large group activity and close the schools in Pennsylvania. 

We appreciate your continued interest in our Professional Development offerings and your patience as we navigate the “new normal”.  Please join our Educator Mailing List to stay up to date on Professional Development opportunities. 

Virtual Professional Development

In order to best support educators, we offer Virtual Professional Development (VPD) experiences around arts and making that include hands-on making, thoughtful discussions and collaboration with other formal and informal educators.  Act 48 hours available. 

If you have any questions or would like information on registration grants, please contact

Using What You've Got!

Backyard STEAM - Get Ready to Go Outside!

September 5, 2020
Registration closes September 4, 2020
10:00 -11:00 am Eastern
$30 per participant - grants available, please contact

Learning happens all around, including outdoors! Let’s spend the afternoon outside (weather permitting) engaging in STEAM learning experiences. We will take time to notice the world around us and how many aspects of nature can inspire opportunities for STEAM education.

The intent of this professional development is to encourage participants to engage from an outdoor location. There will be built-in time to step away from the screen and explore nature.

Supplies (please gather and have ready beforehand)
Plastic cup
Cling wrap
Rubber band
Scissors or exacto knife
Water (about 1 cup)
String (at least 48 inches or more)
Measuring tape or ruler
Paper and pencil


Sticks, popsicle sticks, dowels, or skewers (4)
Camera (can be any kind: polaroid, phone or tablet camera, etc.)
Blanket or towel to sit/lay on outside
Colored pencils, markers, or other drawing media


Hervé Tullet and Looking Closely - Tips for Virtual Learning

September 9, 2020
Registration closes September 7, 2020
3:00 - 4:00 pm Eastern
$30 per participant - grants available, please contact
Join museum professionals for an hour of noticing and looking closely, inspired by the work of artist and illustrator Hervé Tullet. Together we’ll engage in open-ended artmaking using Tullet’s Art Workshops for Children, and make that a jumping off point for group discussion and discovery.

Supplies (please gather and have ready beforehand)
Blank paper - the bigger the sheets the better (consider taping sheets together to make larger sheets)
Colorful drawing materials - crayons, markers, paints - the chunkier the better


Core Professional Development Offerings

In-person professional development offerings will resume at a later date to be determined by local and national health and safety recommendations. For inquiries or more information, please contact

Maker Educator Boot Camp

A four-day immersive experience

Developed through years of experience and research in the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh’s MAKESHOP, Boot Camp emphasizes that maker education is about more than a space and the right tools. Participants will: 

  • Work in individual and group settings for both hands-on activities and discussions
  • Attend four process-focused workshops, designed to give both practical and theoretical insight into different forms of making
  • Use both MAKESHOP’s Principles of Practice and other research tools to delve deeply into the learning that happens through making
  • Use visioning tools designed by the Museum’s Learning and Research department to inform institutional direction as it relates to making

We recommend attending with another representative of your institution, be it a teacher, librarian or administrator, so you can support each other’s efforts and implementations beyond Boot Camp.  Act 48 hours provided.

Pixar In a Box

A five-day immersive experience

Dive into a week-long professional development learning experience in the Pixar storytelling process.  Designed by its senior artists and computer scientists, Pixar in a Box (PIAB) allows you to become part of a creative storytelling team, creating digital storyboards while integrating important art and language skills. Engage with PIAB resources, as well as additional resources created especially for educators. Learn how PIAB enhances core school-based content areas and techniques for integrating PIAB into work with students. Educators completing the PD workshop will receive an official Pixar in a Box classroom certification and Act 48 credit.

Professional Development programs are supported by Federal Express.