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F.I.N.E. Artist: Veronica Simmonds

F.I.N.E. Artist Residency Event

August 14, 2015

Join F.I.N.E. Artist, Veronica Simmonds, as she shares her project: Braidio!

Through the intimacy of touch, Braidio gets people to unwind, let loose and reconnect with their heads! It brings together artists, musicians, scientists and even babies as Veronica braids their hair live on air. This hour long bi-weekly explores humans, heads, hairs, hearts and the power of the braid. Topics range from architecture to family dynamics, hockey to earrings, juggling to origami and everything in between. The braider and braidee are both on the mic sharing a moment, a laugh… a braid.

The F.I.N.E. Artist Residency is supported by The Fine Foundation.