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MAKEnight: Medieval! (21+)


August 30, 2018

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Ye Olde MAKEnight is back! The King and Queen of MAKEnight hereby request your presence on the thirtieth day in August, in the year of two thousand & eighteen. Be prepared to defend your honor while enjoying a brew and light fair.


  • Turn up the heat and solder your own metal crown out of wire, or bend it into an ornate circlet
  • Explore calligraphy techniques on tea dyed pages while writing a letter for a carrier pigeon to carry to your betrothed
  • Battle a dragon piñata to discover the treasures within
  • Make a flower crown using recycled materials! #yasqueen
  • Dance around a Maypole! Maybe summer will last a little longer?
  • Enjoy impromptu performances from actors as they make the Museum their Medieval stage
  • Search the Museum for the Holy Grail and your chance to win tickets to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival
  • Try your hand at stitching, with some traditional blackwork embroidery
  • Paint a picture with paints made from natural pigments preseted by 412 Food Rescue
  • Explore the ancient art of papermaking
  • Join the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA) as they demonstrate the art of spinning fiber, and Viking cord making
  • Jump in the stocks for a #stockphoto


  • Enjoy some authentic brews, crafted and made possible by the SCA 
  • Enjoy a Medieval beverage of choice, beer! Samples generously provided by Brooklyn Brewery
  • Have some bread and cheese with that Medieval beverage
  • Spear a delicious ravioli provided by City Fresh Pasta
  • Toast to your King and Queen with a glass of wine provided by Barefoot Wine

And that's not all, keep your eyes peeled for a carrier pigeon (or just check back here) for more additions to the fun!

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This event is sponsored in part by Yelp and Barefoot Wines.