Invited artists create do-it-yourself home projects that help introduce and connect you to their work or process wherever you may be.

Lauren Braun


photo courtesy of Nathan J Shaulis | Porter Loves Photography

Lauren is a Pittsburgh-based artist who explores themes of transformation, adaptation and meditation. She works in a variety of media including collage, drawing and painting, and explores a variety of techniques, materials, and processes.

Lauren’s Project – Create Your Own Paper Cutout Artwork

Includes instructional pdf and how-to video (below).

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Sidney Mullis


Sidney Mullis is a sculptor who is building a make-believe forest to re-center playful and imaginative attitudes, largely lost in adulthood. This forest, which is often an environment of great adventure and transformation in children’s stories, is made of uncommon materials like gravestone dust, macaroni, teddy bears, sand, bicycle streamers and more. Sidney lives in Pittsburgh and her favorite thing to do as a child was play outside jumping rope, dancing, and rolling in the dirt pretending to be a horse.

Sidney’s Project – Create Your Own Make-Believe Forest

Includes printable pdf (below).

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Karl Lorenzen



Karl is a professional and community artist based in Queens, NY, who partners with non-profits in presenting art workshops for diverse communities in New York City. His artwork has been exhibited at the Boston Children’s Museum, the United Nations Headquarters in New York City and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. 

Karl’s Project – Patterns of Beauty

The project consists of the two how-to videos (below):

  • How to Make a Polyhedron, a cool pyramid shape, from a paper plate
  • How to Add Color to the Polyhedron

You will need the following materials for this project:

  • Uncoated white paper plate
  • 12” flat ruler, plastic or wood
  • Clear tape
  • Ball point pen
  • Broad Line Markers

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Nikita Zook


Nikita is a self-taught, community-supported visual artist dedicated to helping people feel less alone through art and honesty. She works with vibrant colors and images to collage digitally and by hand, creating powerful, abstract pieces often accompanied by challenging or comforting text. Her work is both geometric and organic, and focuses on relatable, yet often isolating human experiences like grief, self-doubt and metamorphosis. 

Nikita’s Project – Make an Abstract Collage

The project includes an instructional pdf (below) and accompanying audio files. Steps in the pdf identify when audio file should be listened to or read (transcripts provided).

The World Needs Your Art (audio file)

When You Want to Give Up (audio file)

Transcript of Audio Files

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Maria Fox Larsson



Maria is an artist living in St. Petersburg, Russia, who creates steel wire sculptures that help in her search for balance.  She finds vibrance in the routine, new meanings for old contexts and new contexts for old meanings. She uses gentle deconstruction in a way that’s constructive, with bits of day-to-day magic.

Maria’s Project – How to Build a Wire Creature

Includes instructional PDF and how-to video (below.)

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