Children's Museum

10am–5pm Daily

A young girl covered in powdered clay is pounding clay pieces with a wooden mallet to make them smaller.


Closed for the Season

The Backyard is closed for the winter months. Please come back to visit in the spring.

Our outdoor play space provides lots of interactive pieces by artists and designers that focus on natural elements:

Four children smile down from a tree-house.

  • Immerse your hands into vats of bubbling mud
  • Climb into The Lookout, an interactive “clubhouse” where you can raise a flag, peek down a periscope to see what’s happening below
  • Activate “solar music” powered by a solar panel
  • Dig in the Sand Box with shovels, rakes, buckets and dump trucks
  • Turn knobs and open spigots to pump water through a sculpture created out of stone pieces salvaged from old buildings
  • Swing on a musical swing set

The Art Here

Design Matters

Some of the sustainable features of the Backyard include:

  • A Gabion Wall encloses one side of the Backyard, made up of wire cages filled with repurposed construction debris from the Museum’s 2004 expansion
  • Hunks and artifacts of Pittsburgh’s architectural and stone history in the Allegheny Waterworks sculpture let visitors interact with interesting stone features and decorations at eye level
  • LED lights in The Lookout run on solar power

Visiting Tips

Use the downloadable file below for tips for before and after your visit to the Backyard.