Children's Museum

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A young boy plays with the ball-dropper


Roll up your sleeves and explore many things that drive, fly and roll in this space!

  • Build fantastic vehicles with roller blade wheels and blocks embedded with magnets, and test them on our 37-foot test course
  • Climb up to a second level on a rope net and come back down on a corkscrew slide
  • Launch parachutes off a vertical conveyor that climbs towards the upper reaches of the domed room
  • Use a pulley system to return parachutes from the ground level to their second-floor launch pad
  • Send toy cars down a custom raceway you build from interchangeable track pieces 

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The Art Here

Design Matters

Using sustainable practices in this space also helps to retain its garage-like authenticity.  Many of its original surfaces were kept intact during the Museum's 2004 expansion, including the brick walls and the projection screen of the former Buhl Planetarium.

The tire chairs and the giant tire sculpture in the Garage are examples of upcycling, repurposing discarded items into something of worth.

Visiting Tips

Download the file below for visiting tips for before and after your visit to the Garage.