Children's Museum

10 am–5 pm Daily

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Visit our multimedia art studio to let your creative vision loose and learn new art forms through open-ended art activities and artist-led workshops.

Move Along and Change Your Place     

This hands-on, participatory exhibit, inspired by the works of  Hervé Tullet, asks, "Where do our ideas come from?" We believe that as we move around the world and change our place, we gain new perspectives and with that, new ideas and inspirations. Let's move around our world and explore together.

Activities offered for visitors of all ages in our multimedia studio include: 

  • Exploring movement and gesture while watching your performance on a screen
  • Painting a picture to contribute to a growing gallery wall
  • Creating larger, collaborative pieces with friends, family and other visitors
  • Making a soft sculpture while exploring light and texture

Please note, new activities may be introduced to replace these as we prototype new ideas.

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Special Events 

Check the Calendar of Events for special Studio activities every month, such as:

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The Art Here

Design Matters

The design of the Studio incorporates many sustainable features, including:

  • Original wood and terrazzo floor
  • Natural light
  • Historic stained glass windows

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Visiting Tips

Use the downloadable file below for tips for before and after your visit to the Studio.