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A young girl in the foreground fills a bucked with water, while another young girl carries butterfly nets in the background.


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Waterplay is a place where children can experience nearly 20 different new exhibit components that let them pump, move, channel and dam the flow of water, and experience rain, spray and ice.  Have fun with hands-on activities highlighting water texture, flow, reflection and tension, and learn about the principles of buoyancy, hydraulics and conservation.

A young boy and a man stand together at t a water table. They are building with blocks.
Channels and Dam Building
Two young girls are laughing while standing in front of a metallic wall. They are playing with water as it falls in front of them.
Magnetic Water Wall

ands-on components include:

  • 7-foot diameter Water Mover
  • Dam Building
  • Vortex
  • Rain Meander
  • Magnetic Water Wall
  • Build-a-Fountain (this favorite feature returns!)
  • Hand Pump
  • Shaved Ice Tables

The words Waterplay is presented by followed by the EQT logo.

The words with additional support from followed by the PPG and Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation logos.

Please Note:
There are many opportunities to get wet from head to toe in Waterplay.  While we no longer provide raincoats and water shoes, we do provide smocks. Visitors are welcome to bring a change of clothes and shoes, or bathing suits.  Please use the bathrooms located on this floor for changing.

Waterplay was designed in-house by the Children’s Museum’s exhibition staff. See photos of the Waterplay renovation on Facebook

The Art Here

Waterplay will frequently display works by artists, including:

  • Rain Meander by Stacy Levy, a permanent component
  • Now on Display:  Artwork by Pittsburgh artist Atticus Adams.  

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Pumps and Pulleys

Waterplay is presented by the EQT Foundation with major support from the PPG Industries Foundation and the Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation.