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IDeATe flyer with text: Every Possible Utterance

Exploded Ensemble: Every Possible Utterance

MuseumLab Program

December 13, 2019

A free interactive art & music experience exploring the architectural and design elements of MuseumLab, with roving musicians and performers.

This explorable art and musical experience interacts with the unique historical, structural, and design elements of MuseumLab. Every Possible Utterance is based on Jorge Louis Borges’ short story "The Library of Babel" which presents a search for meaning amongst patterns of randomness. 

The audience will spend the first half of the two-hour experience exploring installations and interacting with roving musicians and performers. The performance will begin in the Grable Gallery where visitors will interact with work installed throughout the first-floor spaces as well as the Gathering Space on the second floor. At some point in this section of the evening, visitors in groups of 20’s will be asked to follow a “librarian” for a guided tour of the “library.” They will be led to the lowest level of the Stacks where they will hear musicians performing from above. The second half of the evening will present a more linear music and visual art experience in the Assembly Hall. The hour-long “concert” section will present a music ensemble performing amidst site-specific video projections.

The creative faculty team includes: Heidi BartlettJohannes DeYoungAnnie Hui-Hsin HsiehJesse Stiles, and Robert Zacharias 

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