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left: photo of Paulette Richards with a puppet. right: 4 different line drawings of anime characters.

Puppet Workshop Series: Japanese Karakuri

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October 14, 2020

What if you could build puppet versions of your favorite Japanese anime characters and make them appear to move by themselves? 

Join Georgia based puppeteer, Paulette Richards, as we explore Japanese Karakuri puppets and ways that  Karakuri mechanisms have merged with electronics. Together well learn simple mechanisms we can use to animate our own puppet creations!

  • This virtual workshop will be hosted on Zoom and is designed for ages 6-10.
  • Materials to have on hand: scrap cardboard, scrap paper, paper fasteners or paper clips, hole punch, scissors, ruler, glue, pens, pencils or markers.

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Workshops are Eastern Standard Time.

For additional support or assistance acquiring materials for workshops, we're here to help! Please contact Zena Ruiz: or text 920.320.9795. Se habla Español :)

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