Every visiting group has questions; you'll find some answers here.


Are reservations required to receive the group visit rate?

Yes. In order to receive the discounted group visit rate, all groups must make a reservation two week (14 days) in advance of their visit date.

To begin the reservation process, please:


These steps do not complete your reservation, but help us gather basic information about your visit.  Someone will contact you to confirm your details.

How many chaperones do we need?

Guided Field Trips require one adult chaperone (age 18+) per every 8 students.
Unguided Field Trips require one adult chaperone (age 18+) per every 5 students.
All required chaperones receive complimentary admission.

Additional adults visiting with your group will be charged $12 each for admission. Adults who are Children’s Museum members can check in separately to utilize their membership for admission for both unguided and  guided field trips.

Any therapeutic staff visiting with your group receive complimentary admission by checking in with their work identification at our Admissions Desk.

Do we receive confirmation of our group visit?

After you make the reservation, you will receive an email confirmation to confirm your visit details.

If your group includes more than 20 children, you will also receive a confirmation packet by mail that includes wristbands for your group.These are considered prepaid tickets and can ONLY be used on the date of your reservation.

When you visit, please make sure everyone puts on a wristband prior to arrival. Your group leader should bring any remaining wristbands to the Admissions Desk upon check in to avoid being charged for these tickets.

Can our group use an individual’s Children’s Museum membership benefits?

Membership benefits can NOT be applied to group visits.

However, if your group includes adults who are Children’s Museum members, they can check in separately when you arrive to use their membership for admission for both unguided and guided field trips.

What if we need to make changes to our reservation?

You can make any necessary changes to your reservation by calling 412.322.5058, ext 319, Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

When you arrive at the Museum for your visit, you will be asked for a final count of adults and children when you check in at the Admissions Desk.  You can make changes to your group totals and payment at this time.

What if our group has to cancel due to inclement weather?

The group leader should contact 412.322.5058, ext 319, or [email protected] to notify us of any necessary delays, cancellations or needs to reschedule.

planning your visit

What are guided vs. unguided group visits?

Guided group visits are led by educators who stay with your group for the duration of your visit. Educators introduce exhibits, review safety procedures and help maximize your use and enjoyment of each area. Guided visits typically last around three hours.

Unguided group visits are self-led and are available for groups of 15-30 people.

Are accessessibility accommodations available?

We would like to provide all children the accessibility accommodations or support that they need during their visit.

Accessibility accommodation requests can be made at the time of booking.

Learn more about the museum’s commitment to accessibility here.

Can we design a visit to complement our classroom curriculum?

Yes! We can help you to design a standards-based field trip that complements your curriculum.

Please contact our Group Education Specialist at 412.322.5058, ext 237, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, [email protected].

When is our payment due?

We require that you make a $50 deposit within two weeks after your reservation is made. Final payment is due the day of your visit.

Note: If you are paying by check and a refund of less than $25 is due, admission passes will be issued for each absent child.

during your visit

Which exhibits should we visit?

There is a lot to see and do at the Museum and your group may not experience everything during a single visit. Our typical museum field trips involve visits to the following areas, located on the Museum’s first floor:

Art Studio, Makeshop, Limb Bender, Kindness Gallery, Garage and our Traveling Exhibit Gallery. Note:  We ask groups to bypass the Nursery during their visit as this is a quiet spot for our smallest visitors.

If you plan to visit MuseumLab with older youth and teens, you may visit Make Lab, Tech Lab, Studio Lab and Gymlacium.

What if my students want to visit the store?

If your students are interested in visiting the Museum Store, please let your Museum Educator know during orientation to fit this into your schedule before leaving.

What do we do when we are ready to leave?

Please allow enough time to gather your coats, lunch supplies and coolers and artwork, and take a bathroom break before your scheduled departure time. Your buses should pick you up where they dropped you off in front of the Children’s Museum.


What are our lunch options?

Your group will have a scheduled 30 minute lunch period.

Your group is welcome to bring bagged lunches for your visit. Please pack them in a large box or cooler labeled with your group’s name.

Weekday groups can have lunch in our Group Orientation area. Weekend groups can eat in our Big Red Room Cafe. If the weather is nice, you may also have your lunch outside in Buhl Community Park.


Do adults who are driving have to pay for parking?

Yes. Anyone who is parking in Children’s Museum parking lots is charged $5 for members and $7 for non-members. Metered parking around Allegheny Square is also available.

Where do buses park?

Please review our bus drop-off and parking map for details.