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Let's Go Outside

This video series explores seasonal lessons from the garden. Are you curious about the way things grow and what bugs are up to? Follow along for garden how-to's, plant experiments, bug hunts and snapshots of favorite garden crops. Share what you’re discovering outside on our social media channels, FacebookInstagram and Twitter


Is ginger in your spice cabinet? Learn how this favorite spice grows! 

Pumpkin Mindfulness
Laura shows us how she uses a pumpkin to take a deep breath and relax.

Pumpkins & Your 5 Senses
Join Laura to learn more about pumpkins through touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste.

Parts of a Pumpkin
Let's explore pumpkins inside and out.

Pumpkin Life Cycle
Let's explore the pumpkin life cycle and harvest a baby pumpkin!

Sweet Potatoes
Explore these exciting tubers - and sprout one at home! 

Egyptian Walking Onions
Join Laura as she plants magical onions in her garden.

Let's look for ladybugs and learn about their amazing life cycle. 

Bug Hunt
We're going on a bug hunt! Who do you think we'll find in the garden? 

How do you know a raspberry is ready to pick? Savor some berries with Laura!

Mouse Melons
Want to see what a mouse brings on a picnic? Meet the Mexican Sour Gherkin!

Garden Disappointment
Failing in the garden is a great way to learn lessons for next year.

Poison Ivy Identification
Leaves of three, let them be! Laura shows us how to identify poison ivy.

Flower Arranging
Laura show us how to make a beautiful floral arrangement with flowers found in her yard.

Digging for Worms
Let's dig for worms with Laura!

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