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Let's Try Activities

This new online series provides instructions for creative activities you can try at home.  New projects will be posted often, so keep checking back, and sharing what you're making, here and 
on our social media channels, FacebookInstagram and Twitter. 

Kid makers, please work with a parent or caregiver on every project and always be very careful when using tools of any kind. 

Now let's try...

Making a Flower Crown

Make a crown for yourself or someone else using flowers found in your yard!

Let's Try Making a Flower Crown

Making Pennants
Make your own personalized pennants to celebrate any day of the year!

Making String Instruments

Carina and Sarah show us how to make string instruments using objects around your house.

Making Wind Instruments

Educator Rebecca shows you how to make instruments from paper, cardboard or a plastic bottle!

Making Junk Mail Flowers

Make a unique bouquet out of things lying around the house!

Addressing an Envelope

Rebecca shows you how to send mail to friends and family.

Paper Weaving

Learn how to combine two sheets of paper into works of art!

Bake a Cake

Make a chocolate cake from scratch.


Make a pinata with items you have at home! 

Confetti Poppers 

All you need is a toilet paper roll, balloon and paper. 


Turn magazines and junk mail into works of art!


What items can you find around your house that you can sort by size, color, or shape?

T-Shirt Yarn

Running low on craft supplies? Make yarn from an old t-shirt!

Net Making

Make a net out of string. Nets have so many uses. What will you do with yours?

Make Your Own Knitting Loom

Make your own loom with a toilet paper roll and straws.

Origami Hearts

Who doesn't need a few extra hearts around the house, in the window and hanging on a tree right now?  Learn how to create decorative hearts through this ancient paper folding technique.

Make Your Own Watercolor Paints

Use dried-out markers to make your own watercolors!

Finger Crochet

Make potholders, scarves, coasters, doll textiles and even rugs using just yarn and your fingers.


Make simple or intricate designs with rolled paper.

Basic Weaving

Weaving is easy! All you need is cardboard, scissors, tape and string. You could even try weaving with different materials!

Making Paper Beads

Did you know you can make your own beads out of various types of paper found around your house?

Building with Cardboard

What different structures can you create with these cardboard tips?


Try this activity with string or ribbon for making a uniquely braided piece that you can use for jewelry, bookmarks, decoration and more.


Create simple or intricate designs with a needle and thread. Don't have an embroidery hoop? Make you own!