Children's Museum

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Digital letters falling on a screen, projected people's forms "catch" the letters

Art at the Museum

Learn about the art programs and collections at the Children's Museum.  

Art Collections

Each exhibit page includes information about art pieces that can be found in each space. Art works found in the Museum's public spaces include:

  • One Great Blue by Tim Kaulen; Can be seen in the lobby
  • Articulated Cloud by Ned Kahn; Facade of Children's Museum of Pittsburgh
  • Steel Giraffe by Tim Kaulen; Located outside near the Museum’s side entrance
  • Al, Mo & Oh: The Three That Got Away Concept Design by Elizabeth and Chris Siefert; Located in the Museum parking lot
  • deCARstruction by Keny Marshall; Located in the Museum parking lot
  • Cloud Arbor by Ned Kahn; Located in Buhl Community Park at the Allegheny Square, across from the Children's Museum
  • Tempermental Stairs by Agnes Bolt and Arthur Jones; Located on the main staircase of the Museum
  • Puppets and masks from the Margo Lovelace Collection in the Classrooms and Birthday Party Rooms
  • Silly Faces by Amanda Long; Located in the Big Red Room Cafe
  • Lynn Johnson's photographs of Fred Rogers in the Big Red Room Cafe
  • Avalanche by Ned Kahn; Can be seen in the hallway near the Garage
  • Wattle Fence, Lindsey Scherloum; Located in front of the Museum

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