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Field Trip FAQs


How many people constitute a group?
We require 15 or more children to qualify for a group rate.

Do I need a reservation to receive the group visit rate?
Yes. In order to receive the discounted group visit rate, all groups must make a reservation at least one week in advance of their visit date.

How do I make my group's reservation?
You can make a group reservation by calling 412-322-5058, ext. 240, Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. You can also submit your request using our field trip request form. Your reservation is NOT complete until a Children's Museum representative contacts you to confirm.

When is the payment due?
The final payment is due the day of visit.  Please note: Group visit payments are non-refundable.  

What if I need to make changes to my reservation?
You are able to make any necessary changes to your reservation by calling 412-322-5058, ext. 240, Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. If you need to make changes the day of your visit, you can do so when you check-in at the Admissions Desk. You will be asked for a final count of adults and children. 

How many chaperones do I need?
We require that all groups to have a ratio of 1 chaperone per 5 children. (Chaperones are required to be 18 years and older) Any therapeutic staff that are visiting with your group receive complimentary admission by checking in with their work ID badge at our Admissions Desk. 

If I have a membership, is my group allowed to use my benefits?
Adults with valid memberships are welcomed to check in under their membership for a field trip by presenting their photo ID. (This excludes any Museum Workshop field trips.)  Children are not eligible to utilize membership benefits due to costs directly linked to the group or workshop programs. 

Will I receive a confirmation for my groups visit?
A Museum representative will contact you to confirm your visit. After you make the reservation, you will receive an email confirmation.  If your group includes more than 25 children, you will receive a confirmation packet by mail that includes wristbands for your group. Please make sure everyone is banded prior to your arrival. 


Do the adults who are driving have to pay for parking?

Yes. Anyone who is parking in our lots will be charged accordingly: $4 for members $6 for non-members. Metered parking is also available. (Please refer to the PARKING MAP to find assigned parking location for buses.)

What happens when we arrive?
Upon arrival, we request you keep everyone on the bus and have the head teacher check in at the Admissions Desk.  A Visitor Services Associate will board your bus and provide a quick orientation.  If your group is Guided, your Visitor Services Associate (Guide) will provide a prearranged schedule.  If your group is Unguided, you are free to explore the Museum, but will receive set times to visit the Studio and MAKESHOP if you expressed a wish to visit these areas.  When possible, groups will be split up by classroom(s) to ensure a more enjoyable Museum experience and expedite the arrival process. 

What are our lunch options?
Weekday groups will have a scheduled 25-minute lunch in our Group Orientation area. Weekend groups are permitted to eat in our Big Red Room Cafe. If the weather is nice, you may also choose to eat outside in the Buhl Community Park.

Your group is welcome to bring bagged lunches or purchase boxed lunches from our Big Red Room Cafe.

If you are bringing bagged lunches, pack students' lunches in a large box or cooler labeled with your group's name. Please review our Big Red Room Cafe catering options and call 412-322-5058, ext. 240, to pre-order box lunches at least one week in advance.

What if my group has to cancel due to inclement weather?
The group leader should call 412-322-5058, ext. 240 or 210, to notify Museum staff of any necessary delays, cancellations or the need to reschedule.

What if I have extra wristbands?
These wristbands are considered prepaid tickets and can ONLY be used for the date of your reservation. The group leader should bring any remaining bands to the Admissions Desk upon check-in in order to avoid being charged for these tickets.

What do we do when we are ready to leave?
We want you to make it back to school on time, please allow enough time to gather your coats, coolers and artwork, and take a bathroom break before your departure. Your buses should pick you up where they dropped you off in front of the Museum.


Which exhibits should we visit?

There is a lot to see and do at the Museum. This may mean they might not be able to see and do everything, but the quality of their experience is what’s important. Visitor Services Associate are stationed throughout the Museum to help you. Please check out our Museum map and exhibits page for the most up to date list of our current exhibits. Please Note: The Nursery is a quiet spot for our smallest visitors. Please bypass this area during your visit. 

Will the students get wet in Waterplay?
If your group is planning on visiting the Waterplay area you will get wet. 

What if my students want to visit the Museum Store?
If your students are interested in visiting the Museum Store please let your Visitor Services Associate know during orientation to help fit this into your schedule before it is time to leave.