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Supporting Making in Museums and Libraries – National Leadership Grant from Institute of Museum and Library Services

The goal of Making+Learning is to build the capacity of libraries and museums to create and sustain effective makerspaces and related programs for learning. Making+Learning is a cooperative agreement between the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The project is supported by thought partners from the Exploratorium, the Chicago Public Library, North Carolina State University Libraries, and the Maker Education Initiative.

The Learning Practices of Making: An Evolving Framework for Design

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, in partnership with New York Hall of Science, conducted a three-year design-based study of family participation in museum-based makerspaces.  Our goal was to reliably design physical, social and spatial tools to support meaningful family participation in museum-based makerspaces that employ a deep understanding of productive patterns of family participation and their associated learning outcomes in these spaces based on empirical research, learning literature and practitioner experience.