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XOXO: Love Letters Project

F.I.N.E. Artist Residency Event

April 6, 2014

Where will you send a message of love, gratitude, forgiveness, understanding, humor, curiosity, or joy?

Join guest artist Dalia Shevin in the lower level Theater to explore the magic of snail mail, the wonders of writing by hand, and the delight of discovering how much love our words can hold. Using traditional hand letter writing materials including postcards, stamps, and even a manual typewriter, craft a message or image to someone or something you love.

What will you tell your loves in a letter that you might not say out loud?

Will you write to a parent, a child, a partner, a friend?

Will you send love to a grandparent, a coach, a teacher, a heroine?

Will you thank the trees, the clouds, the city, or the mountains for all they’ve done for you?

What about a sick child, an endangered bird species, the color orange, the tips of your fingers?

Where does the love need to go, and how will you send it?