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On the left Shovlin Academy of Irish Dance logo with red, gold, and green geometry design in the background, and on the right an image of a dancers feet pointed in the air as she jumps off the ground.

Spring Traditions: Shovlin Academy of Irish Dance

Featured Programs & Events

March 25, 2018

Join us in the Theater for a live performance by the Shovlin Academy of Irish Dance! Come discover different types of Irish dances like the reel, and hornpipe and treble jig. We'll learn all about the history of Irish dancing from the costumes to the shoes. Then you can learn some steps and join in the dance!

Performance Times:

  • 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm 
  • 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

The Shovlin Academy of Irish Dance offers solo and figure dancing instruction to students ages 5 and up. Participation in the academy provides each student with the opportunity to grow physically and mentally in a supportive environment. We strive to develop an appreciation for Irish music and dance while preparing dancers for the competition or performance stage.  Dancers are given the opportunity to compete at feiseanna at all levels and perform at various events locally.  We encourage students to be proud of and share what they’ve learned with others.