Children's Museum

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MAKEnight: 90's Night! (21+)

Studio Program

May 16, 2019

Press rewind and join us back in the 1990's! Explore the museum while enjoying drinks, light fare and making activities:


  • Bling out your best denim, or bedazzle yourself a backpatch at our 90's fashion table. 
  • Need a new keychain for your backpack or trapper keeper? Iron your own design using Perler Beads.
  • Make a Shrinky Dink button! You can always use more flair. 
  • Screen print a poster using fluorescent ink - all you need is a black light for the hottest wall art in town. 
  • Mom won't let you get a pet? Make a beaded lizard - buddies for life.
  • Make some slime with our buddies from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh!


  • Snag a slice of pizza from our neighbors, Badamo's Pizza
  • Enjoy some scoops from our local favorite,  Millie's Homemade Ice Cream
  • SNACK ATTACK! Enjoy your favorite 90's junk food - from Doritos to Dunk-a-roos - and taste the flavor of the decade


  • Take home a piece of the Aggro Crag, if you can find it.*
  • Get down to your favorite 90's jams - these tunes won't disappoint. 
  • Fill your 90's knowledge bucket with information and ephemera provided by The Odd, Mysterious, and Fascinating History of Pittsburgh.
  • Feel like a kid again while playing GIANT versions of your favorite classics like Jenga, Connect Four, Twister, and more.

I totally need tickets!

*Not an actual piece of Aggro Crag, but pretty close.