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XOXO Project

Exhibit Related Program

December 28, 2018

Join the conversation about love and forgiveness at our special XOXO Project pop-up activities outside of the Nursery on the second floor.  We've created experiences that explore and consider what makes us sad, mad and happy, and think about love and forgiveness. And play.

  • Love Letters - Explore the wonders of handwritten letters and the feelings that written words can convey as you write a love letter or two.
  • Write & Shred - Draw or write what makes you angry or sad, and release those feelings as you crank it through a paper shredder. Add your shreddings to a collection that is then made into an artwork.
  • XOXO Response Wall - Write or draw your response to prompts such as, How has someone been kind to you? and What do you do when you feel mad? See the collection of responses for a unique feeling of connectedness.