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STUDIO: Grand Opening of Move Along and Change Your Place

Studio Program

June 8, 2019

Join us for the grand opening of Move Along and Change Your Place, an exhibit that asks, 'Where do we get our ideas and inspirations?'. Learn about the processes artists like children's book author and artist Hervé Tullet use to create their art. Visitors can explore this question through a variety of art-making activities: 

  • Explore movement and gesture while watching your performance on screen
  • Paint a picture to contribute to a growing gallery wall
  • Create a collaborative work of art with friends, family and other visitors
  • Make a soft sculpture while exploring light and texture

Move Along and Change Your Place is a hands-on, participatory exhibit that asks, 'Where do our ideas come from?' We believe that as we move around the world and change our place, we gain new perspectives and with them, new ideas and inspirations. Let's move around our world and explore together.