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image of a swampy forest with a ripple effect

MuseumLab: ECOTONE Workshop

MuseumLab Program

August 4, 2019

Move and groove with artists Ariel Xiu, Ben Opie, and David Bernabo in an interactive artistic journey exploring movement and sound.

ECOTONE brings together artists from different disciplines to create experimental performance presentations. An ecotone is a transitional space between two biomes; a site where two communities meet and integrate. Ecotones are spaces where a diversity of life can flourish, with much higher biodiversity than surrounding areas. Come create your own ECOTONE with us!

To purchase tickets for ECOTONE's performance at KST's Alloy Studios on Friday, August 9th, click here.

About the Artists

Ariel Xiu is the umbrella stage name for Ariel Pang’s creative body of work, including performances, sculptures, videos, paintings, collage, and holography. Her work is an ongoing investigation of what defines representation as “authentic” within the framework of American life.

David Bernabo is a filmmaker, musician, dancer, visual artist, and writer, performing with the bands Host Skull and How Things Are Made; devising dances with his variable dance company, MODULES; and often collaborating with Maree ReMalia | merrygogo.

Ben Opie has been active in Pittsburgh creative music scene for over thirty-five years as saxophonist, composer, and improviser. He currently plays with Thoth Trio, Pittsburgh Saxophone Quartet, Sound/Unsound, and Afro Yaqui Music Collective, among others. Ben is an artist lecturer in music technology at Carnegie Mellon University.