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November 22, 2019

STEAM Carnival is a fun, casual day of exploration, learning and spectacle for all ages, where we celebrate regional ingenuity in science, technology, engineering, art and math learning and creation! You may encounter and make things using robots, balloons, soldering irons, giant hands, LED lights, knitting, horns and more.

Hosted on the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and MuseumLab campus, indoor and outdoor, you'll find awesome activities like Car Take Apart and Steam Roller Printmaking, performances and behind-the scenes with Squonk Opera, glass blowing demos, lots of cool stuff to try out, see and make, and food.

Nov 22:  Education Day  -  A limited number of visiting school groups explore the campus and depart by 2 pm; STEAM Carnival is open to the public.

Nov 23:  Family Day - STEAM Carnival is open to the public
Your admission to the Carnival includes admission to both the Children’s Museum and MuseumLab. In addition to all the STEAM Carnival fun, check out the interactive exhibits and artwork throughout this award-winning museum and newly renovated historic building. Tickets are available here.

Need more info?  Visit the Carnival website at

STEAM Carnival is made possible through generous support of The Grable Foundation & BNY Mellon Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and a partnership with Two Bit Circus Foundation.