Atticus Adams

Atticus Adams grew up in the mountains of West Virginia, steeped in traditional folk art. Several members of his family were self-taught artists, deeply involved in such crafts as wood carving and quilting. “Making tangible objects is definitely part of my family heritage,” – “I come from a tradition of using simple, easily available materials for creative expression.”
Atticus has fond summer memories of screened in porches back home and screen doors that practically dissolved the barrier between inside and outside, allowing the warmth and nature to permeate each day. This association continues to resonate in his art, and probably in those who get pleasure from his work.

art at the musuem

Around the Ponds – Arcadia was inspired by childhood summers spent with my grandmother – playing around the pond and along the forest creek beds.

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        Around the Ponds – Arcadia, 2018



















          Around the Ponds – Arcadia, 2018

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Flora Gilded III














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Silver Linings