Maureen Walsh

Maureen Walsh is an international visionary artist and healer. Maureen uses the practices of yoga and meditation to create expansive, large scale works of art. Her work is influenced by wordly travel and culure, sacred geometry and the owe inspiring creations of Mother Nature.
After graduating, she co-ran her own design studio in Brooklyn, New York for over eight years. She left NYC in 2013 and went on a quest to explore different cultures + traditions and to search for a deeper meaning of life. In the process she studied many healing modalities, yogic practices + art forms and surfed many waves around the globe. She spent the last eight months as a student and resident artist at a yoga retreat center in Northern India. During her time in India she painted large scale murals and deepened her practice, using yoga and meditation to explore and expand creativity + intuition and to heal grief.

art at the museum

Chromatic Passage was created by Maureen. Chromatic Passage is inspired by the magic and intricacy of nature. The interconnected web of consciousness and the depth and mystery of the ocean and its inhabitants, in particular the octopus.

Chromatic Passage, 2020



Other Works

Reformation, 2018

Samadhi Mountain Range, 2018

Expansion, 2018

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