Children's Museum

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Unbelievable Action

Through March 8


Join us for a SUPER ball drop on Saturday, March 7 in the Studio at 2:00 pm.

What you'll find in the exhibit:

The Laboratory
  • Ball Trampoline - strike pedals and handles to make hundreds of small balls pop like popcorn
  • Ball-o-Scope - Examine amazing balls under a microscope and see what makes them reach such heights
  • Ball Wave - Move a series of balls by pushing them to the top of posts and causing them to drop and bounce and form cool waves
Testing and Play Area
  • Free Play Room - test how high balls will bounce
  • Young Child Play Area - our youngest visitors can experiment moving balls through and around obstacles and down and up ramps
The Gallery
  • See original artwork from artist and videographer Henry J. Simonds and his collection of Super Ball memorabilia and artifacts
  • Catch the light from a custom chandelier made of tiers of more than 500 translucent and glittery Super Balls

Created in collaboration with Henry J. Simonds based on his original exhibition, Super•Ball

Super•Ball was awarded the People's Choice honor at the Design, Art + Technology Awards 2014.