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Measurement Rules Rental

Measure height, distance, volume and more in this interactive exhibit that introduces visitors to various units of measurement.  Master the basics and then begin to compare, classify, and categorize numerous methods of measurement using standard and non-standard tools.  These hands-on experiences allow visitors to understand measurement in relation to the world around them.  This exhibit will enable visitors to achieve something new, collaborate with others and become confident in the language of measurement.

  • Take a walk on a treadmill that is connected to a large odometer that tracks how many yards visitors walk during the exhibit. 
  • Find out how many chickens you weigh.
  • How good is your internal clock?  Find out when you count to Five Mississippi.  See how close you can get to five actual seconds. 

Cost: $30,000 per 15-week rental plus inbound shipping
Size: 1,500 - 2,000 sq. ft.
Content: STEAM 

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Contact: Rachel Mastromarino
(412) 322-5058 ext 229