Children's Museum

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Move with Art

March 2 - May 12, 2013

A showcase of original hands-on exhibits created from seven years of the Children’s Museum’s Tough Art program and other programs.  Highlights include:

  • Giant, a 10-foot wooden man you can move with levers, by David Butts (2008)
  • The Beast, a large wooden cow that "eats" rubber balls, by Nova Jiang (2010)
  • Step into the swirling air of the Whirlwind Room (2010) Created for the Whoosh! exhibit
  • Kaleidoscope, a giant version of this classic toy created from a rotating table, video projector and materials you add, by Christina Zaris (2011)
  • Ferrous Wheel, a spinnable wheel that translates shapes to tones, by Matt Mets (2009)

Opening Weekend, March 2 and 3

Learn about the Dance with Art program with Attack Theatre below - short dance performances you help create to complement the Move with Art exhibit.