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Tough Art

2019 Artists' Work Now on Display

A man works on lighted abstract pieces
Compound Ringship
A woman works with wood on a workbench
Tomato Medley
A person in shadow touches a colorful wall
Cosmic Geometry
This innovative artist residency program challenges artists and audiences to rethink their ideas of interactive museum experiences in one of the toughest venues – a children’s museum. Participating artists learn how their artworks connect with visitors outside of the typical museum environment, and what it takes to create artwork that can sustain the rigors of a hands-on environment.

The 2019 Tough Artists:

Ryder Henry Pittsburgh, PA
Compound Ringship - Explore a miniature intricately designed space module.
On display in MuseumLab

Eunice Choi Chicago, IL
Tomato Medley - Encounter a wall of tomatoes with various visual and personality traits.
On display in the Children's Museum

Owen Lowery Athens, OH
Cosmic Geometry - Discover a cosmic world of hidden interactions within a digital projection.
On display in the Children's Museum

Lake Light

2018 Artists Currently On Display:

Isaac Levine, Lake Light
Lake Light is a kinetic sculpture that uses LED lights and ping pong balls propelled back and forth by fans to simulate the lights and sounds of moonlight bouncing on lake water. See new things in repetitive patterns!
On display in the Children's Museum

Neil Mendoza, Mechanical Masterpieces
Mechanical Masterpieces is a gallery of classical art reimagined for the 21st century. Viewers can switch, disco, poke, water and inflate paintings to their heart’s content.  Photo seen at top of page.
On display in MuseumLab

To learn how you can apply for the Tough Artist program, click here.