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10 am–5 pm Daily; Closed Sept 3 - 6

Tough Art logo and a photo of a boy hanging paper and other colorful items on a mesh structure.

Tough Art

About Tough Art
This innovative artist residency program challenges artists and audiences to rethink their ideas of interactive museum experiences in one of the toughest venues – a children’s museum. Participating artists learn how their artworks connect with visitors outside of the typical museum environment, and what it takes to create artwork that can sustain the rigors of a hands-on environment.

Additional information on the program is available at: CMP Tough Art

The artists for the Children's Museum's 2018 Tough Art Artist Residency have been chosen and will begin their residencies this summer:

  • Isaac Levine, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Miranda Miller and Lumi Barron, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Neil Mendoza, San Francisco, CA

Tough Art 2017 Artists are:

Nimbus Drum by Shohei Katayama
Nimbus Drum
Drawn Together by Robert Zacharias
Drawn Together

Shohei Katayama, Nimbus Drum
Interact with a kinetic sound artwork in which clashing metal beads not only create sound, but affect an installation of overhanging clouds, in order to call attention to the smaller things in life that are oftentimes overlooked.
Located in the Shadow Room in the Attic
Please note: This piece uses strobe lights and magnets. The beads used are NOT magnetic, however there are magnets located inside the bead table.

Robert Zacharias, Drawn Together
Taking inspiration from the classic Etch A Sketch toy, this piece encourages collaboration and interaction between two visitors to create a digital drawing.
Located across from the Garage

Megan Flod Johnson, The Nest
Imagine and build a giant nest alongside facilitator-performers who help to reveal the story of a mythical creature that resides within the Museum.
Pop up installation during the month of September

Arvid Tomayko and Hannah Gene Thompson, Urchin Searchin Sound
Discover a large-scale coral reef made up of tactile, soft sculptures that translate touch into sound.
Not currently on display.

About the Tough Art program:

Learn how you can apply for the Tough Artist program, or other artist residencies at the Museum, here.